Thesis and Topic Sentences

A lot of students come to me and say hey Michael you know it you know how will be and it’s hard for me to do the introduction it’s hard for me to create my thesis I’m I can’t join the party I don’t think you’re any different than anybody else it takes a certain level of thinking I think before you can because essentially what you’re trying to do here Jay is you’re really mapping out what’s going to happen in the rest of the paper by creating the introduction okay so now let’s take a look at how we can create our topic sentences so you can say Mars and I are different and how am I getting this idea I’m taking it from the thesis so this is your topic sentence here this is important now you see Morris and I are different after we print the first draft of RSS of course you now have to spend basically about 50 words explaining what Marius does after Prince a first draft what does he say he says when you said everything you could say in this trap print it out. Improve your essay writing skills at

If you’re working on it get up from your desk and go sitting and chair somewhere else to read it without correcting anything then put it aside preferably overnight if possible read your rough draft just before you go to bed many psychological tests have shown that our minds organize and create while we sleep if we pack them full before bedtime study you drop just before sleep you may discover new ideas in the morning so what I would do is take this idea in your own words paraphrase it reacts plane it and you want to re-explain it exactly right here you’ll say something like this you’ll see for example in his article marius suggests that bla bla bla there’s your 50 word so once you say for example in his article mari suggests that you want to react splain what he says in his article in about 50 words maybe 40 50 words and then here so now here’s what you have to do so.

Then you’ll say something like this once you get into the middle of the paragraph you’ll say on the other hand when I completed my English 105 final project I did not do what Marius suggested instead then you can explain what you did when you printed your first draft out that’s it so you only talked about what you did when you printed your first draft out and show how the process that you used after printing that first draft is different than the process that Marius proposes in his article so here right after you say on the other hand when I completed my English 105 final project I did not then you want to write approximately 40 to 50 words to explain that now I noticed here when you’re writing your essay you talk about things in a very general sense I don’t see any specific examples of any writing assignments that you discuss.

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