Providing Reader With Knowledge

You might have a thesis statement that would read this many writers argue that an openness to a variety of courses insures the students growth so that’s good but as it says here what does the writer mean by growth what kind of growth so here you can make this clear this growth can be intellectual and social this is really good because as I note here there you can then set yourself up for a paragraph on intellectual growth and social growth so again and connect that to a variety of courses openness to a variety of courses I’m gonna hold off on pausing right now you can kind of keep that idea in mind as you’re work through your revision I want to move now through organizing the paragraphs I mean if you want obviously you can pause but I’m just going to keep going here organizing the paragraphs once you have your divisions kind of set up it’s it’s it’s crucial to work on kind of regulating the flow of information in this kind of writing. Learn how work and process the information flow on Edusson.

You’re providing the reader with a lot of knowledge a lot of facts information from other sources so your primary goal in this kind of writing is to regulate this flow you need to decide consciously okay I want this information here and I want that information over there so again consciously working through this information all these quotes that you’re going to include in your essay so let’s get started we have a thesis statement here intellectual growth students experience in college according to these right authors aids in their lifelong learning creates individuality and leads to a well-rounded Society so here thesis is nice and clear intellectual growth and then how does it help them because it aids in lifelong learning creates individuality and lead so well-rounded Society so this writer is thinking through is there you know trying to consider what they’re going to have in their paragraph they have their one division lifelong learning learning in that paragraph they know they’re going to have to do this they’re going to have to define lifelong learning they’re gonna have to explain how do they feel.

It’s important for intellectual growth and notice here if I said they it’s the writers and then according to the writers how does college that how does college lead to long-term lifelong growth and you can work your way through with the recipes for division to again define what you are what the rioters mean by individuality how does individuality lead to intellectual growth connected back to the thesis and in here how did the source material show that last one more well-rounded society and by now I’m guessing you’re anticipating this you know you need to define well-rounded society and then you need to talk about how does intellectual growth lead to that and again how does it assume me how does intellectual growth lead to a well-rounded society and then how does College do that how does college create well-rounded students.