Are You Contented With Your Present Job?

Are you contented with your present job?  Was it a job of your own free judgment? Wouldn’t it be nice when everybody does what they like doing? The amount of zeal and passion put into our work would be phenomenal.

Mistakes were often made in choosing the right career. Let’s face it, most of us are not happy with our jobs. It might not be that we made the wrong choice.  At some stage, we come to realize that things were not what we had expected.  We would have very mixed feelings about our jobs when so much effort and dreams had been put into our pursuits.

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Work does sometimes make life miserable for us, even unbearable!  Honestly, I say the most important thing is to do what we like to do and to do it with enthusiasm.  No work could be said to be bad but if you hate your job, you are definitely not enjoying it.  Never take a job because someone talks you into it. Take it only because you want to do it. If not, it is more likely that you would end up resenting it for a long while, at least long enough for you to take the plunge to quit and start all over again.

Most of us would have done different jobs in our lives. Our life experience enriched, our knowledge expanded, our skills in handling tasks and people became more sophisticated, and all the training, perseverance and frustration made us stronger, better people. Look at it this way, any job you had or have, you reaped personal benefit from it. You did not just give, you took a lot from it too, sometimes without realizing it.  Before you stamp your foot and say you hated it, turn another angle and look at it from the positive side. There must be something there that you had learned. Nothing is all negative. Don’t get me wrong. I am not against people changing course. I am just saying all is not lost.

Before starting any job, it is best to consider all things, good and bad, that this job would bring. Even a minor factor like its location would affect your well being in the long run. Time is precious. You move to accommodate the job or you settle for another “less suitable” choice. They choose you and you choose them too. Make a wise choice.

Time is hard and time is precious too.  The longer you procrastinate in a job that you consider is bad for you, the more you pay in terms of your happiness and loss of time. If you stick to a bad choice, the chances are you will prolong your daily misery. A lesser choice often brings you great relief and with a lighter or light burden on your heart and mind, the world would suddenly appear so much more beautiful and people are so much nicer. If you have boarded the wrong boat right from the start, what do you say is the best thing for you to do?!


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